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Bianca Balderas
Actually, the online consultation is super helpful for us. We're very busy people and don't have time to visit vet clinics. We searched online and found PetPal. We are very thankful to PetPal for their speedy response and scheduling process. We were able to immediately book a consultation with a vet. It was really nice to talk to the vet and have all our questions accommodated. Keep up the good work!
Cheska Picache
Bringing Brie to the vet used to be such a hassle because she’s a big dog and it was so hard to secure the availability of the vet we knew (who was quite far away!). Now that PetPal has home service, we don’t have to worry about bringing her to the vet — the vet just comes to us! We had a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Ernest, he was very friendly and easy to talk to. He gave a prescription for oral and topical meds and recommended an appropriate diet for Brie. Now she won’t have any more skin problems!
Yana Buen
Sobrang helpful ni Doc and ng PetPal, especially sa amin na hindi makalabas kasi working from home, busy, and walang time. Napakalaking tulong ng online teleconsultation and si Doc Franz sobrang na-help nya si Ellie. Hopefully gumaling na siya using yung prescription ni Doc. Thank you.

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