Privacy Notice

Personal Information

General Information
  1. We collect and process personal data about you as listed in our registration page to fulfill the Terms and Conditions you agree on when you register with us and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Specifically:
    • To verify and enforce your warranties as a duly licensed and registered veterinarian and your compliance to the standards of veterinary practice under applicable laws and regulations;
    • To effectively match and connect customers with veterinarians who have the appropriate specialization to address their pet medical requirements; and
    • To ensure that the veterinary services extended by our partners to customers comply with Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) regulations, including the issuance of valid prescriptions for animal medication
  2. We also use your basic identity and contact information to support our legitimate interest of promoting new PetPal products, services, and programs
    • To track and monitor partner activities on our website and/or mobile application;
    • To obtain insights to help improve our products, services, and the customer experience; and
    • To send communications from PetPal regarding commercial and promotional alerts, advertisements, and surveys.

Other Information We Collect When You Avail of Our Services

Service Usage and Performance Information

When you use our services, we collect information such as your subscribed services, rate of use, and IP address. These are used for the following purposes:

A. To fulfill our respective obligations under your subscription

    • To design and create new products and services based on user behavior and preferences
      To determine whether you’ve reached or exceeded the limits of your chosen service
    • To generate data needed to enhance your user experience and personalize content to meet your preferences and needs, and to help us improve our platform and the quality of our services
    • To maintain platform quality and security and provide service care and support

B. To support our legitimate interest of promoting new PetPal products, services, and programs

    • To create and offer new products and services based on user behavior and preferences
    • To find out what commercial and promotional alerts, advertisements, and surveys we can share with you

Profiling and Automated Decision Making Processes

We process your service usage to create user profiles that reflect insights on your preferences and usage activity. We use automated processes to produce these insights to choose the relevant products and services we offer you, and to maintain, regulate, and improve platform quality, use, and access. 

Information We Share

We generally do not share your personal data with any third party except where an exchange of information between the customer and veterinarian or pet clinic is necessary to facilitate the provision of consultation services availed of by the customer and to comply with applicable PRC regulations, including the issuance of valid prescriptions for animal medication.  We may also need to share your personal data to some of our service providers, which are listed in, to ensure service fulfillment and to achieve legitimate business purposes incidental to our relationship with you. In all cases, we make sure that third parties are contractually obligated to protect your data and hold it confidential.

Marketing, Promotional Communications, and Surveys

With your consent, we may communicate to you, through your mobile number, relevant services and/or advisories to you, as well commercial and promotional alerts, advertisements and surveys from PetPal, and at times, in partnership with third-parties.

How Long We Keep Your Information

We only keep your data while you are a customer. When you terminate our services, we dispose of your data according to our procedures, unless legitimate business or legal purposes require us to keep it. For more information, you may request for our data retention schedule.

How We Protect Your Data

Our Privacy Policy available at describes how we protect your data and how it applies to all our processing activities.

Data Privacy Rights

Your data privacy rights are explicitly provided in our Privacy Policy at

To exercise your data privacy rights, please contact the Data Protection Officer at

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